1 • JOIN

By simply being a guest of ours you’re already a member of Hair Loft Rewards. There is no extra paperwork or app downloads. You’re automatically enrolled and begin earning points with your first service or purchase.

2 • EARN

  • 1 Point for every dollar spent on services.

  • 2 Points for every dollar spent on Take Home purchases.

  • 25 Points for prebooking your next reservation before you leave the salon.

  • 250 Points for referring someone to The Hair Loft Ltd.


  • 1000 Points for $10 off our a purchase in our Lifestyle Store

  • 2000 Points for a Chronicle Mask Treatment

  • 3000 Points for $20 off a haircare Take Home Store

  • 4000 Points for a Blow Out Service

  • 5000 Points for a $50 Gift Card for your Salon Service


Points earned are location specific, but you can use your points whenever you'd like, no blackouts or expiration dates. You can check your point balance at anytime by logging into your account.

Points are earned by each individual guest and Hair Loft locations.

Points can't be transferred between guests or between locations.