In 1980 husband and wife duo Richard and Debi Johnson had an inspired idea; hire people you love and do great hair together. Since then the idea has continued to grow and connect with people.


After quick initial success, we expanded our service offerings and added a Nail Department, Massage Programs, Waxing, and even Esthetics. Even though these new services expanded from hair, the name recognition had already begun so the HAIR LOFT ltd name remained.


After 28 years on Pearson, we moved to River North. On December 2nd, 2008 we opened our doors and welcomed our guests in. We wanted to create an environment that was modern, yet warm and welcoming. While initially those thoughts represented our architectural style, we found that they represented our people too. 


After 35 years you would think we had done it all, but we felt like we were just getting started. On November 17th, 2015 we expanded our team to a second location. Our West Loop is not only a salon, but also contains our Hair Loft Academy where we train our team and host special events.


We're fully committed to being the best we can and exploring new and exciting ways to do great hair and connect with great people. We rally behind the leadership of Richard and Debi's son Ben as we continue to pursue our passion and build people's confidence so they can have better, more successful lifestyles.