One of the core values at The Hair Loft Ltd. is a dedication to education. Without an understanding of the fundamentals and the trends, there is no way we would be able to serve our guests in a way that exceeded their expectations. In order to ensure greatness in all our team members, each stylist completes our 12-16 month training program after acquiring their Illinois Cosmetologist License. During this program, we teach them our company history, values, and service in addition to how to style and finish hair, cutting techniques for men and women, color and highlighting theory and trends, and extra services such as our SuperSilk Smoothing System and HairDreams Extensions.

Once a stylist has completed our training program, they are certified to begin taking guests but education doesn't stop. The Hair Loft Team continues to learn throughout their careers with both ongoing internal workshops as well as trainings with salon industry icons from all over the nation. In fact, we are so dedicated to education, that we built ourselves a 1000 sq. ft. Academy at our West Loop location to ensure we would have an optimal space dedicated to learning.

They say knowledge is power, but we believe that is only true with implementation. We give our team all the tools and education to be able to serve and style you to the absolute best of their ability but we need you in order to fully grow their talent and skills. Our education program is on going throughout the year and if you’re interested in being a model and working with our proteges, we’d love to hear from you.

It is vital to our proteges’ success that you show up to your reservation as they are required to have a predetermined amount of hands-on models in order to pass their workshops.

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