Top 10 Take Home Products of 2018

We’re constantly asked, “What’s your favorite” for all our categories, Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling, and Finish product. We decided we could answer that by looking back and sharing what were our Top Ten product recommendations of 2018.


This has been the year of the lived-in-look and stretching time between shampoos has been a major part of that trend. We love Water Killer because it reduces that greasy-hair look which can come with not washing, it adds a little bit of /ries clear. By far our favorite dry shampoo of 2018.


Who could love a Root Canal? Anyone if it gave you this much volume! Root Canal was our volumizing of 2018 and with Evo’s lovely Australian wit, it’s name is the little reminder to spray it at the root. This spray is the ideal styling spray to create volume and lift.


This has been a very colorful year for us with Color and Blonding services being the majority of what we do. Because of that, everyone of course wants to protect their color from fading and MINU Conditioner was our favorite color protecting conditioner of 2018. Minu Conditioner helps seal the cuticle and hydrate hair to keep color luminous.


If you had an assistant with you to help you blow-dry, wouldn’t that make it easier? Well Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer was our go to for getting blow outs done faster. This lightweight styling spray has a light old, adds fullness, and speeds up drying time allowing you to save your arms and get out the door a little faster.


Chicago’s climate changes quite a bit and trying to balance the moisture in our hair and skin can be challenging. We loved OI Shampoo to help achieve that balance. Using Roucou Oil, this gentle cleanser removes impurities but keep hair soft and manageable. OI Shampoo is our Moisture balancing shampoo of 2018.


That un-done look is what many tried to achieve but truth be told, it takes more than just not doing anything. This beach-vibe in a bottle spray was by far our favorite finishing spray of 2018. Dry Texturizer goes on last and has just the right amount of stick to bring out the texture in any style.


This year we saw many blondes wanting to be blonder and we were happy to do it, with some insurance. Hair Perfector reconnects disulfide bonds that can be broken during the blonding process. Traditionally, we wouldn’t want to layer multiple blonding applications on top of each other, but with Hair Perfector, we can do so with confidence in the hairs integrity and is our bond builder of 2018.


Sometime you just need to kick some brass, ya know? For blondes that want to avoid the golden, warm, and yellow tones, No Yellow Shampoo was a favorite toning shampoo of 2018. With it’s strong blue/violet pigment, it will counter act those unwanted warm tones leaving you with a beautiful neutral or cool finish.


As we mentioned earlier, this was a very colorful year for us and everyones wants to protect their color. MINU Shampoo was our favorite color protecting shampoo of 2018. MINU Shampoo is formulated with caper blossoms to gently cleanse, protect and extend the lifespan of colored hair. 


We would rarely say a product can be used really on all hair types but we haven’t found anyone OI All In One Milk didn’t work for. Lightweight OI All In One Milk softens, detangles, controls frizz and protects from frizz. Spray onto towel-dried roots and ends and do not rinse and then continue with styling. OI All In One Milk is our Most Loved product of 2018.

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