Treat Yourself

We're so excited to be expanding our Wash House Treatment Menu with our partnership with Davines to offer new in-salon solutions for Weak, Dry, Aging, or Thinning Hair. These treatments allow us to have services and take home recommendations to help answer some of hair's biggest challenges.

Renewing Banner.jpg

Renewing Treatment is an anti-aging regimen dedicated to rejuvenating the scalp and restoring health and shine to hair. Essentially a facial for your scalp, Renewing Treatment uses the Hair Longevity Complex that protects against hair and scalp aging causes.

RECOMMENDED TAKE HOME: Davines NaturalTech Renewing Shampoo, Renewing Conditioning Treatmen, and Renewing Serum Superactive
Nourishing Banner.jpg

Nourishing Treatment is a regimen for restructuring damaged hair that is dry and brittle. This treatment moisturizes and protects severely dry or damaged hair. Intensely hydrating Living Enzyme Infusion leaves hair looking instantly soft, shiny and healthy.

RECOMMENDED TAKE HOME: Davines NaturalTech Nourishing Shampoo, Nourishing Royal Jelly Superactive, and Living Enzymes, Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner, or Hair Building Pak
repluming banner.jpg

Replumping Treatment is a regimen to help hair that is dry or mechanically damaged retain moisture. Great for delicate hair prone to breakage, this luxurious treatment moisturizes, protects and enhances the elasticity of hair.

RECOMMENDED TAKE HOME: Davines NaturalTech Replumping Shampoo, Replumping Conditioner, and Replumping Superactive


Energizing Banner.jpg

Energizing Treatment is a regimen dedicated to the prevention of various forms of alopecia and treating hair prone to falling out. Energizing Treatment stimulates circulation using caffeine phytoceuticals and improves hair elasticity, preventing loss. 

RECOMMENDED TAKE HOME: Davines NaturalTech Energizing Shampoo, Renewing Conditioning Treatment, Energizing Superactive or Seasonal Superactive, Energizing Gel, Energizing Tonic