Floral Ties

Ok, I have to admit I hate paying high prices to neck ties. Something about it just drives me nuts. That means I'm constantly in search of trying to find a company with low prices and interesting style. Luckily, we live in a time when many startups are trying to disrupt the market and status quo when it comes to distribution.

Dazi's current New Arrivals

Dazi's current New Arrivals

Dazi is a company that since 2015 has been providing high quality ties at low prices. Dazi, named after Das, which is Indonesian for necktie, specializes in handmade skinny ties and offers a suite of other accessories. They've built a name for themselves and an avid online following because of their unique style. Their loud, but not garish, floral and paisley prints are eye catching.

If you have a wedding approaching, they do offer wedding packages to help style everyone in the wedding party.

Check out Dazi if you're like me and over over paying for neckties but are unwilling to sacrifice quality and style.