Wild West Loop

While there is no shortage of great dining options and various concepts, one trend that seems to be emerging is hidden additions to existing establishments. Many established bars and restaurants to adding new areas with discrete signage, little publication, and even at times hidden entrances.

On a recent trip to Grange Burger Hall, we were pleased to find out the their new Back Door Saloon was available. Located on the second floor, found by venturing to the back of the restaurant. Follow the hallway up the stairs and feel as though you've transported back into the Wild West. The vibe from downstairs transforms completely as you enter the Back Door Saloon.

While the menu isn't as full as the first floor Grange Burger Hall, there is still plenty to enjoy. We had one of their vegetarian burgers and the fried chicken sandwich which were both great and paired them with the mashed potatoes which were absolutely killer. The whole experience was tied together nicely with a western decor that really pulled the entire concept together.

Add Back Door Saloon to the growing list of amazing options to try in the west loop.