Your Best Face

One of the keys to a fresh, healthy face is a consistent, solid regimen. A highlight of Baxter of California is their quality skincare offerings. Here we give you the easy to follow steps to creating a skincare regimen.


It may seem obvious, but the first step is cleaning your face. Many guys fall into the habit of just using their Shampoo or Body Wash as their facial cleanser, after all soap is soap right? Wrong. Facial cleansers like Baxter's Daily Face Wash ($18) use gentler surfactants so they don't irritate your skin. Daily Face Wash has coconut oil to hydrate and aloe vera and ginseng to sooth..


Exfoliating scrubs are great to gently buff away impurities and dead surface cells while stimulating skin renewal. I personally love using Baxter's Facial Scrub ($19) after the gym once or twice a week. Made with natural ingredients, including honey and lavender,  Facial Scrub tones and exfoliates skin.


After a face cleanse, you want to hydrate and close your pores, and that's where a moisturizer comes in. One of the best features of Baxter's Oil Free Moisturizer ($24) is that it is oil free. This Best-selling moisturizer features plant-based technology that absorbs quickly to restore the skin’s moisture barrier. Green tea helps protect against free radicals and chamomile helps heal delicate facial skin. Skin is left feeling smooth and refreshed with a shine-free finish.

So that's it, three simple, easy to follow steps that will lead you to a cleaner, healthier face. All of the featured Baxter products are available at both Hair Loft locations.