We believe that we're here to enhance people's lives. We empower others to chase their dreams, accomplish their goals, and live their best life. By building people's confidence their able to have a better, more successful lifestyle. 

To accomplish those goals, we've created welcoming salon experiences for our guests, encouraged our team through education and career path options, and chosen product partners that are good for your body and soul.

We love what we do and we love beating the status quo and living a life of passion and purpose.


"PASSION turns potential into reality"




In 1980 husband and wife duo Richard and Debi Johnson had an inspired idea; hire people you love and do great hair together. Since then the idea has continued to grow and connect with people.

When we started in the Gold Coast neighborhood, we never imagined the hundreds of team members we would employ over the years, the thousands of salon guests we would serve, or our growth into River North and West Loop but everyday we're able to see our dream.

Today we rally behind the leadership of Richard and Debi's son Ben as we continue to pursue our passion and build people's confidence so they can have better, more successful lifestyles.