the HAIR LOFT ltd opened its doors on June 7th, 1980 in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. Originally launched by husband and wife duo Richard and Debi Johnson, the HAIR LOFT ltd was a quick success, expanding in 1982 to offer massage programs, a nail department, and waxing services.

In 2008, the HAIR LOFT ltd moved to River North and expanded to the West Loop in 2015 to celebrate the salons 35th anniversary.

Today, the HAIR LOFT ltd is led by Richard and Debi's son, Benjamin Jay who is not only a stylist but also the founder of his own salon education company FORM + FUNCTION Salon Education. F+F is responsible for growing the HAIR LOFT ltd's Team as well as hosting workshops for stylists and salons all over the country. 

This strong technical background, along with a passion and dedication to a purpose of enhancing people's lives is what makes the HAIR LOFT ltd such a special place.

โ€œNever bet against passion, because passion builds potential into reality.โ€ - Benjamin Jay



Because gratitude is beautiful, we have a rewards program to thank you for believing in us.


We're looking for passionate people to join our Stylist Program and Reservations Team.


Are you interested in being a model for our education program or photo + video shoots?