Give Yourself a Moment


Focus on a healthy body and wellness have never been higher. We all are more conscious about the foods we eat, the activities we do, and the things we put on our skin.

Following the trends in skincare, Davines has launched a new series of masks titled "The Circle Chronicles." These new, fast-acting treatments are designed to be meaningful and allow you to create a moment for yourself, slow down and unwind. Using super foods with a 100% natural key ingredient, The Circle Chronicles have extraordinary benefits and can be personalized and used in a multi-mask application if you want.


Bruncha Happiness

 Bacon Steak

Bacon Steak

Windchill is below zero & dark by 4pm, seasonal mood disorder is lurking behind a group of slow walking moms and daughters celebrating their first trip to American Girl Place… my favorite in house medicine: Chicago Brunching.  What Chicago lacks in sunshine and good smelling public transit, they make up for in mimosa’s and bacon.  Allow me to introduce you to the Lakefront Restaurant.  Thick cut Nueske’s bacon. 

Unaware why this is so important? Get there ASAP, and live your best life.  Not a bacon lover? No worries, the chicken fried chicken comes with apple sausage gravy, 2 eggs, smashed potatoes AND fried potatoes.  Two sides of potatoes? Grandma Flannigan would be so proud.  Non meat eaters, I saw an option but politely moved passed it.  However, if you prefer to drink your brunch the Award Winning Bloody Mary mix is bomb and the Lakefront Manhattan will flex on any hangover.  Floor to ceiling windows, lovely view of the city, easy drop off for valet or lyft.  I spent New Year’s Eve and have already been back for brunch. Fill your tank with brunch, it’s what Chicagoans need!

Written by Hair Loft Stylist, Lisa Overwater.

 Whiskey Smash

Whiskey Smash




Summer Hair Revival

Now that summer is coming to an end (sigh).. It’s time to replenish YOUR ends! (Hair, of course). Whether is was salt in the hair from your beach excursion, wind blown breakage from days on the boat, or just needs a little love from conquering your blonde goals. Here are some ways Hair Loft clients are stepping into fall with rich, shiny, soft and rehydrated tresses!

 A beautiful blend by our Hair Loft West Loop stylist  Kayla Mae .

A beautiful blend by our Hair Loft West Loop stylist Kayla Mae.

 From bright blonde to this shade for fall. 🍁🍂 Hair by Hair Loft Color Director  Samantha Ploskonka  at Hair Loft West Loop

From bright blonde to this shade for fall. 🍁🍂 Hair by Hair Loft Color Director Samantha Ploskonka at Hair Loft West Loop

 Our Cutting Education Director  Christian Awesome  also knocks out some incredible balayage.

Our Cutting Education Director Christian Awesome also knocks out some incredible balayage.

Toning down their color

Summer was all about light, bright and even off the charts onto silver. The fall vibe is already being felt and what better way to enhance your canvas with depth and warmth. Even playing with fun, warm fashion tones can be a semi-permanent way to enter autumn.

 Not so mellow yellow 🍋⚡️by Hair Loft Color Director  Samantha Ploskonka  at Hair Loft West Loop

Not so mellow yellow 🍋⚡️by Hair Loft Color Director Samantha Ploskonka at Hair Loft West Loop

 Rosey blonde 🌹 created by Hair Loft River North stylist  Erin G .

Rosey blonde 🌹 created by Hair Loft River North stylist Erin G.


Treat yo’self

The best way to get your hair feeling back to it’s beautiful self is a treatment and regime. Just like your skin, your hair needs proper products and care to balance moisture, elasticity and strength! We at The Hair Loft take pride in the products we choose as well as the education we give our guests to maintain their looks. Here are just a few treatments we offer:

Treat Yourself

We're so excited to be expanding our Wash House Treatment Menu with our partnership with Davines to offer new in-salon solutions for Weak, Dry, Aging, or Thinning Hair. These treatments allow us to have services and take home recommendations to help answer some of hair's biggest challenges.

Renewing Banner.jpg

Renewing Treatment is an anti-aging regimen dedicated to rejuvenating the scalp and restoring health and shine to hair. Essentially a facial for your scalp, Renewing Treatment uses the Hair Longevity Complex that protects against hair and scalp aging causes.

RECOMMENDED TAKE HOME: Davines NaturalTech Renewing Shampoo, Renewing Conditioning Treatmen, and Renewing Serum Superactive
Nourishing Banner.jpg

Nourishing Treatment is a regimen for restructuring damaged hair that is dry and brittle. This treatment moisturizes and protects severely dry or damaged hair. Intensely hydrating Living Enzyme Infusion leaves hair looking instantly soft, shiny and healthy.

RECOMMENDED TAKE HOME: Davines NaturalTech Nourishing Shampoo, Nourishing Royal Jelly Superactive, and Living Enzymes, Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner, or Hair Building Pak
repluming banner.jpg

Replumping Treatment is a regimen to help hair that is dry or mechanically damaged retain moisture. Great for delicate hair prone to breakage, this luxurious treatment moisturizes, protects and enhances the elasticity of hair.

RECOMMENDED TAKE HOME: Davines NaturalTech Replumping Shampoo, Replumping Conditioner, and Replumping Superactive


Energizing Banner.jpg

Energizing Treatment is a regimen dedicated to the prevention of various forms of alopecia and treating hair prone to falling out. Energizing Treatment stimulates circulation using caffeine phytoceuticals and improves hair elasticity, preventing loss. 

RECOMMENDED TAKE HOME: Davines NaturalTech Energizing Shampoo, Renewing Conditioning Treatment, Energizing Superactive or Seasonal Superactive, Energizing Gel, Energizing Tonic


How to Protect Your Hair at the Pool

Summertime Chicago or Jet-setting to pool parties, it's time to enjoy some pool time. Pool time though should be a relaxing, stress-free activity but it can be pretty harsh on your hair. These simple steps will help you have a care-free time at the pool knowing your hair will be in good shape.



No, not like that, but before you get in the pool prep your hair with a simple soak. Hair is like a sponge, and if it's pre-filled with non-chlorinated water then there is less room in the hair for it to soak up chlorinated water.



After your time in the pool, remove that chlorinated water from your hair. Leaving it in can damage, or alter your hair color. Use a good clarifying shampoo (we like Davines Detoxifying Scrub) to purify your hair and scalp.



Put back the moisture the chlorine will strip out. The Great Hydrator by Evo is a solid pick. Allow the moisture mask to sit, and replenish and condition your dehydrated locks.



Final notes here. A pool or shower cap is also a good addition to a pool routine. It may feel old school, but it will help block out some of the chlorinated water.

If you're planning to lay out and soak up some sun after a swim, remember that chlorine is a bleach. This mean that when it's in your hair and you sit in the sun you have direct heat on bleach which can be a dangerous recipe for your hair.

Blonde Care

It's the season of sunlight and that usually means we begin to see an increase in our blonding services. By creating highs, mediums, and lows in your hair color, whether it be natural or salon created, it helps create dimension and more interest in your hair. No matter if you're a traditional highlight fan or enjoy handcrafted balayage blonding, going lighter while safe guarding your hair's integrity is always the goal. Here we look at a simple regimen to help you have stronger, healthier, blonder hair.

 Davines NouNou: Shampoo ($26), Conditioner ($30), and Hair Mask ($34).

Davines NouNou: Shampoo ($26), Conditioner ($30), and Hair Mask ($34).


Preparing and caring for your blonde hair is important and the first place to start is with your shampoo and conditioner. The blonding process can remove vital moisture and essential protein from your hair, which is why replenishing these is so important. Our recommendation is NouNou by Davines. This Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask trio nourish hair by using Fiaschetto Tomatoes. Fiaschetto Tomatoes are full of antioxidants and Vitamin C, which restore, invigorate, and protect your hair.

 Fanola No Yellow Shampoo ($42)

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo ($42)


Hair naturally wants to pull warm. During the blonding process, clients will often comment "My hair pulls warm" and this isn't unplanned for, this is part of the science behind hair color. This is why depending on your color goals a shine treatment is used to achieve your look. At home, your hair may want to revert to a warm, yellow or golden blonde and if your desire is for a cooler tone, Fanola No Yellow will banish that unwanted brass. By utilizing a blue / violet pigment, this shampoo is able to counteract yellow or brassy tones (yes, complimentary colors like the color wheel from kindergarten) and leave you with a neutral or cooler tone. Let No Yellow sit for 5-7 minutes before rinsing to enjoy it to it's fullest impact.

 Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector ($29.50)

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector ($29.50)


You may really want to push the envelope and enjoy multiple blonding services. Typically, layering applications of lightener on top of previously lightened hair isn't the safest for maintaining strong, healthy hair as the disulfide bonds that hold the hair together begin to break down.

Luckily, Olapex, a 3-step bond multiplier, can step in and act as an insurance policy. Olaplex can be added to any color or blonding service in the salon and features the first two steps as a color additive and wash house treatment to help prevent and restore hair damage. The third step is a Take Home treatment to be used once a week before shampooing and conditioning.

There you have it, a regimen and understanding of the best practices to maintain your blonde hair; Prepare, Tone, Bond. So no matter if you're simply looking for a little dimension or desire a full platinum style, there is a safe, healthy way to make your blonde hair dreams come true.